Jade EP - Officially Released!

The Jade EP is now officially available!
We'll celebrate tonight (June 26) at The Royal Room!
Thank you to everyone who made this album possible. I appreciate all of you!

Jade EP Album Release!

Jade EP Release Show
June 26 at The Royal Room in Seattle, WA
7:30pm | 6:30pm Doors
with Tekla Waterfield and Annie Ford Band!

Albums are ordered!

The order has been made! The Jade EP is in the process of being duplicated right now! 

Jade EP Artwork

We're getting closer all the time...
Jade EP artwork has turned out lovely and the album design is coming together. Brainstorming on locations for an album release show in the Seattle area. A video for one of the songs is…Read more

NPR Tiny Desk Contest - 'You Are Loved'

Thought I'd join in on this one. NPR is fantastic and it gave me an excuse to throw another video together. Kind of a little preview for the 'Jade' EP coming out later this year. 'You Are Loved' will be…Read more

Jade Ep - Update

Jade is finished being recorded, mixed, and mastered! Artwork is currently underway as well as planning for all the other little details that go along with releasing an album. I can't wait to share these recordings with you. In the…Read more

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who shared, liked, supported, inquired about, and backed the Jade EP Kickstarter Campaign. You don't know how much it means to me to have such wonderful support of my art and to be able to involve…Read more