Official Release Date!

Allison's second album, "Be Heard" will be released online and at shows beginning May 17th! There will be a small, super secret CD release shindig in Pullman on the 17th. If you're in the area, contact Allison for more info…Read more

The CDs Have Arrived!!!

The album is done, done, done and in my hands!! The official release date is May 17th. Anyone who was a Kickstarter supporter gets their early though! 
Listened through it just now and can't wait for you all to…Read more

2nd Album is Close!

 Just waiting for final album artwork, master and for the album to be sent in to get duplicated! We're very close now, it's hard to believe! Check out the "2nd Album" tab for more detailed updates! Thanks!

Booking Gigs!

I'm currently booking gigs for this Spring/Summer to support the upcoming release of my album!
If you're interested in hosting a House Concert - check out info on this page - or just get in touch with me!

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Getting Closer!

Check out the '2nd Album' tab for an update on the album's progress! It's starting to all come together!

I'll be performing at Moscow's Co-op March 6th at 5pm if you're in the Pullman/Moscow area. I'll be playing a…Read more

Happy New Year!

 Hope everyone had a great New Year! 
If you are on my mailing list you might notice that I have changed services to send the emails. Switched from Reverbnation to Mail Chiimp in an effort to simplify my life…Read more

Happy Holidays!

 Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! The album is in the mixing, final track recording stages with hopes to get the majority of all that finished by the end of January. I am also making plans for future performances…Read more


 I had such a fantastic time in the studio last weekend! We got a ton done and are now in the editing/mixing phase with still a few more takes of some things to finish up. Thank you endlessly to Vanessa…Read more

In the Studio!

It's 11/11/11 and I'm in the studio! 
We are getting all set up at The Record Co. in Boston. Engineers are here, I'm here, waiting on the band to get here. Tis good stuff! Can't wait to get playing…Read more

Recording in Boston!

 Thanks to all of you who pledged and shared my Kickstarter project, it was a success! Thank you!!
I'm currently in Boston rehearsing all week with my band in preparation of recording this weekend! We have another rehearsal soon…Read more

Kickstarter and Moscow, ID Show!

I had a great time this past weekend performing on the West side of Washington! Thanks to Eric Miller and Evan Hulse for joining me!

I play this Friday at 8pm in Moscow, ID at One World Cafe! It's…Read more