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Allison is available for events, house concerts, fundraisers and a multitude of other types of events like weddings and birthdays!
Vocal work: Allison is available for studio or live vocal work. Get in touch for your next project!
Get in touch to set something up or ask any questions via email at booking@allisonpreisinger.com or through the contact page.

Info on House Concerts

What are House Concerts?
House Concerts are unique events where you can host a performance by a musical artist in your own home. Usually these concerts feature singer/songwriters, instrumentalists or folk artists. It is a friendly and intimate setting to really listen to music without the distractions of typical settings like cafés or bars. You get to share this experience with whoever you'd like to invite!

How Do I Put On A House Concert?
Invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, classmates or whoever you want to your place for a concert. Gather together chairs, couches or any other kind of seating in your living room and arrange them so everyone can be comfortably focused on the performer. If you don’t have enough chairs, borrow from your neighbors or friends! A PA isn’t always necessary, but Allison has her own that she can bring to set up depending on the space. You should be prepared for around 4 hours of your evening to be dedicated to the event. This includes about an hour of set up and prep time, an hour for guests to arrive and mingle (set out snacks or have a potluck if you'd like!), an hour of music, and about an hour for guests to leave and for clean up.

How Does the Artist Get Paid?
For Allison's house concerts she gets paid by the optional donation from each guest. If you prefer a different set up, just let her know. Entry by donation works well because it allows people to pay what they want and what they can, including anyone who wants to come experience the event. It is helpful to have a time during the performance to pass the hat. Make sure your guests know in advance that there will be a donation involved in the evening's proceedings, so there are no surprises.
As host, it shouldn’t cost you any more than hosting any other kind of party. It is up to you if you want to provide snacks or drinks, but not a requirement. However you'd like to work things is great!

Email booking@allisonpreisinger.com with any inquiries or to book your very own House Concert!

Past Performances

Pacific Northwest
Triple Door Musicquarium, The Beery House, Arts in Nature Festival 2017, Seattle's Hard Rock Cafe, Northwest Folklife Festival 2013, 2015, and 2017, Sunset Tavern, San Juan County Fair, GIGS4U Downtown Seattle Busking, The Adrift Hotel, Hyatt Olive 8, The Conway Muse, Olalla Community Club, The Royal Room, Anelia's Kitchen & Stage, J. Bookwalter Winery, Village Wines, Northwest Cellars, Smoking Mo's, The Robin Hood, The Alley Upstairs, Cafe Racer, Mirkwood and Shire Cafe, Wired and Unplugged, Green Frog Acoustic Tavern, The Fairhaven, Three Trees Cafe, Cafe Adagio, Everyday Music, Moscow Renaissance Fair 2013, Moscow Art Walk 2013, Spokane Fall Folk Festival 2012, Cafe Sage, Moscow Food Coop, Bucer's, One World Cafe, Green Frog Cafe

Boston, MA
Berklee Performance Center, Berklee's Cafe 939, The Loft at Berklee College of Music, All Asia
For booking contact booking@allisonpreisinger.com