Photo by Michaela Patrick

Photo by Michaela Patrick

What I'm Up to Now

I got the idea for this Now page from Derek Sivers. Check out his and his blog. Try out your own! Derek Sivers always has great stuff to contribute to the world. He also created a page for you to find out more about the folks who have created a /now page so far! Here is my feature! Check out the others! 

So, here's what I'm up to now...

*Covid hit & we decided to move to Long Beach, Wa at the end of 2020

*Doing work to sing with ease, write from my voice, and find flow in life

*Producer, host & editor of the podcast Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories

*Audio editing the podcast 'Raising Adults' - If you need an audio editor for your podcast, get in touch! 

“It’s been an absolute delight working with Allison. She’s prompt, reliable, flexible and does an incredible job editing our show, which at times has a lot of moving parts. We are so lucky to have her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a stellar podcast producer and editor.” — Kira Dorrian, co-host of the Raising Adults podcast

To be updated as things progress...
-Last updated April 2021- 

New Single: Shine 

Out now! A new single: Shine! 


Shine is a song I wrote for my husband and performed at our wedding. I had fun adapting the song to piano earlier this year and was fortunate enough to be able to record it at Jack Straw Studio before the pandemic hit. 

You can stream or purchase the song on my bandcamp page: