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What I'm Up to Now

I got the idea for this Now page from Derek Sivers. (Check out his Now Page and his blog). Try out your own! Derek Sivers always has great stuff to contribute to the world. He also created a page to learn more about the folks who have made a /now page so far! Here is my feature! Check out the others! 

So, here's what I'm up to now...

*Performing Songwriter - New album coming this Summer 2024, performances this Spring!
*Owner of AMP Studio LLC - podcast & audiobook editing and production
*Producer, host & editor of the podcast Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
*Private and Group music Instructor
*Voice-Over Artist - working on putting together a demo to get my voice out there for voice-over projects

To be updated as things progress...
-Last updated Jan 2024-  

2023 Begins... 

Did 2022 even happen? Musically, I went into hibernation. I needed a break. After years of learning, practicing, performing, and ultimately feeling like I was just on a hamster wheel of sorts really not getting anywhere, it was time to stop and reflect. 

Which I have been doing and continue to do. I'm still unsure of the direction I want to go next in my career in general and in music. Maybe they're the same thing and maybe not. 

I am working on a new project and have ideas for more but the motivation is…

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