Photo by Michaela Patrick

Photo by Michaela Patrick

What I'm Up to Now

I got the idea for this Now page from Derek Sivers. Check out his and his blog. Try out your own! Derek Sivers always has great stuff to contribute to the world. He also created a page for you to find out more about the folks who have created a /now page so far! Here is my feature! Check out the others! 

So, here's what I'm up to now...

*Doing work to sing with ease, write from my voice, and find flow in life. Creating songs.
*Searching and applying for grants and residencies for my creative work. 

*Focusing on all things creative projects. Makin' Stuff.
*Producer, host & editor of the podcast Take Notice: Amplifying Black Stories
*Audio editing the podcast 'Raising Adults' and 'BCAN' - If you need an audio editor for your podcast, get in touch! 

To be updated as things progress...
-Last updated November 2021- 

Closing Out 2021 

2021 brought introspection, change, growth, hardship, and renewal. Somehow all the pieces fell apart and came together at the same time to recreate my true self. Whatever that means. I am finding my creative focus again. Realigning, which truly comes through in my singing and playing and writing when I allow myself to just be. It's easy to think about, ponder, and understand. Much harder to realize. 

This all means that 2022 could be a season of much more sharing. More focus on organizing my creations into…

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